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Commemorating an invasion that never happened

Last month saw the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo and the end of the Napoleonic era. To mark the anniversary, this week’s blog posting looks at two curious watch dials. The unusual point being that they both appear to … Continue reading

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Having a smashing time

  On my twelfth birthday I was given my first watch. I remember that it had the word ‘shockproof’ stamped on the back and that I wondered just how ‘shockproof’ it was. Mercifully I did not try to determine the … Continue reading

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Keeping in touch with time

          A common feature of watches and clocks of the 16th century are touch-pins. These are raised studs located at each hour position on the dial, with that at the 12 o’clock position typically being longer … Continue reading

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Look no hands!

  On the one hand we have looked at single-handed dials, on the other hand we have looked at some more unusual forms of indicator.  Here we will look at indicators with no hands at all. This watch has a … Continue reading

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